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Sea Worthy Packaging

To meet the growing market demand in the areas of export of engineering items the unique 'Suprabha Seaworthy Packaging System'  has been developed by Suprabha, which has been accepted by many a leading exporter in light and heavy engineering, iron and steel, automobile and core sectors. Suprabha Seaworthy Packaging System and Bio Degradable Desiccants have won the 'INDIASTAR 2004' award. Suprabha Transparent Seaworthy Packaging System has won the 'INDIASTAR 2006' & 'WORLDSTAR 2006' from IIP and WPO respectively. It has also won the ‘WORLDSTAR 2008' for 'Suprabha Seaworthy Packaging System for Open Deck Transportation' from WPO.

Our Customer using Suprabha's Seaworthy Packaging System:



  • Treatment to Wood : A special water-based liquid to protect from fungus and termite attack
  • Application of Rust Preventive treatment to metal surfaces : Non-film forming, easy-to-clean VCI coatings or VCI gels
  • Bio-degradable Desiccants and dehumidifying agents

 Rustopowder
 Clay based Dehumidifier
 Both these products are packed in ACT non oven fabric manufactured by Dupont.
 This pouch offers dust proof packaging and meets DIN 55473 specifications

  • Packaging material with excellent barrier properties variants

 Multilayered HDPE Fabric Laminated VCI Paper
 Transparent VCI film and normal LDPE film
 VCI film and HDPE fabric


Suprabha provides a special in-house developed sealing machine for heat sealing of films Adhesive Tape


  • The materials are completely reusable and recyclable
  • The covers are fabricated either by heat sealing or by using adhesive tape
  • Covers provide complete water resistance and water proofing properties
  • The VCI chemicals in the system keep the packed contents in a factory fresh and ready to use condition on reaching the destination, till opened
  • The VCI Rustofilm can be supplied with or without a tint. It is also available in yellow or blue tints

The Added Advantage of the Suprabha Transparent Seaworthy Packaging System:

  • Being transparent it is possible to inspect the contents without opening the seal
  • Both the materials are flexible, making handling easy
  • The risk of the cover tearing during transit or handling is largely reduced since there are two covers
  • The sealing machine for final sealing is also provided by Suprabha