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The Suprabha range of products has been developed through extensive research to meet specific customer needs. The products are technically superior, eco-friendly, user-friendly, non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable and economical. They offer protection as per requirement, savings on de-preservation and confirm to the relevant International (ISO: TS 16949) specifications. The chemicals used are registered under REACH regulation ( European Community Regulation on chemicals and their safe use).  Suprabha VCI products provide protection to ferrous and non-ferrous metal components, both by contact as well as vapour action.

Suprabha-products  are broadly classified into different categories:


Non VCI Products :

  • Starlinger HDPE Fabric up to 3000 mm, without joint from 110 gsm onwards 
  • Lumber Wrap
  • Normal LDPE Film in Tubes, Sheets, Rolls. 
  • Stretch film: Machine Use and Hand Use 
  • Shrink Film 
  • Fire Retardant Poly Products 
  • Anti-Static Film 
  • Bubble Sheet

Our World Acclaimed Award Winning Packaging Solutions include:

  • Seaworthy Packaging System
  • Transparent Seaworthy Packaging System
  • Seaworthy Packaging System for Open Deck Transportation
  • Packaging on turnkey basis for exports
  • Preservation system on turnkey basis (Supply, Apply and Preserve)
  • P2P (Point to Point Service)