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Corrosion ...the Cancer of Metals

Corrosion has always been a chronic problem to the metal industry. Studies indicate that the overall losses due to corrosion can be between 2-3% of a country's GDP. Except the noble metals like Silver, Gold and Platinum, all metals exist in their oxidised form, which is their most stable form in nature. These are further extracted and refined by man to suit his needs. Metals however, tend to revert to the original state over a period of time. Corrosion of metals is an irreversible process and it's inevitable since the atmosphere contains oxygen with a variable degree of moisture and pollutants.


Suprabha VCI
An integrated approach towards prevention of corrosion is the need of the hour. Suprabha has customised products to protect from corrosion/rust throughout the life cycle of metal components.


Vapour Corrosion Inhibitors
Suprabha VCI is a family of organic chemicals, which have a special attraction towards metal surfaces. The vapours released by these chemicals migrate, condensate, absorb and form a monomolecular layer on the metal surface, creating an invisible protective vapour barrier that keeps away corrosion promoting nuclei.