Thorough understanding of business requirements in the Indian and European continents, with very local in-depth knowledge of how it works and how to make it work is Prism's unique core competence.

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Merchant Traders

Another important business line of Prism Enterprises is to trade in sales and procurements of products, commodities and other assets on behalf of our clients. We trade in a number of different products, commodities and other assets, importing and/or exporting between Europe and India in the following industries;

  • Chemical & Petrochemical Industry
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical 
  • Textile / Fashion / Clothing 
  • Agriculture & Dairy Industry
  • Automobile and Automotive Products 
  • Engineering & Industrial Products 
  • Energy / Utilities 
  • Public Sector / Government 
  • Information Technology and Enabled Services 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Banking, Financial Services and Insurance 
  • Media / Entertainment 
  • Retail / Wholesale 
  • Consumer Products

As international Merchant Traders, we remain constantly alert to sudden events that may impact the market. At Prism Enterprises, we are prepared to make quick, well-informed decisions in such pressurised environment.

For further enquiries, please contact us and we will be glad to discuss potential possibilities.